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Tech Wearables: Rings, Pendants and Keychains (Oh My!)

These days, technology can be found (and worn) everywhere! From watches and rings to necklaces and keychains, there are plenty of small and useful pieces of tech that make life easier. Who can deny the usefulness of a piece of jewelry that tracks your health, or a necklace that holds your files close to your heart? Check out a few of my favorite and stylish picks below.

Ringly - The cutest and most functional rock you can wear on your finger! While they have bracelets and rings, they are most known for their signature ring which can push notifications to you even when your phone is somewhere at the bottom of your bag. The ring has a soft vibration and light to alert you to an urgent call or notification, and it can track your activity through an app letting you know when you’ve reached a personal goal.

Supreme USB Pendant - They always say keep things near and dear to your heart, so why not keep your most important computer files around there too? This necklace is a stylish way to carry your  favorite USB drive around and make sure it nevers gets lost. The Swarovski pendant makes the perfect statement necklace, or it can also be worn as a bracelet, and the USB holds up to about 8 gigabytes.

Leaf - I am one for juggling many things at once, and I love a bracelet that can keep up with me! This bracelet is not just your normal fitness tracker -- it can track activity, stress, sleep and even menstrual cycles. It learns your lifestyle and can alert you when you it feels something is off, or when you’re about to start a new cycle. The best part? It doesn’t need charging. The battery lasts for up to six months at a time.

Senstone - Nothing is worse than having a great idea or thought and having nowhere to quickly write it down before you forget, and this pendant helps remedy that. Senstone is a small stone that you can attach to your jacket or wear as a bracelet. It allows you to record voice memos for yourself with the click of a button. The recordings go straight to your phone and can be transferred to different apps or messages.

Tile - Tile is a small square that can attach to your keychain, fit in your wallet, or even be taped to your remote. The possibilities are endless of where you can place Tile, and that’s the beauty of it. Each Tile can connect via Bluetooth to your iPhone, and it instantly becomes a tracker for both the object and the phone! Doubling the duty, just use Tile’s app to ping the object you’ve misplaced in the house, or tap the Tile itself to find your phone!

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