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Refresh 101: How to Take a Break!

I know I’m not alone when it comes to feeling that midday slump when it feels like my concentration and productivity take a nosedive. After working at my desk all morning, sometimes my body and my brain need a quick refresher! There are endless amounts of ways to take a quick break, but I’ve listed a few of my favorite remedies to get me back and focused.

Get some fresh air: Staying inside all day for a full work week can definitely stir up cabin fever for me. When I feel that mid-afternoon antsiness beginning, I like to take a moment and go grab a chai from the coffee shop, or just take a quick walk around the block to clear my head. The fresh air and change of environment is usually all I need for a second wind.

Do some meditation: One of my favorite ways to boost my motivation is to find a quick YouTube video guiding me through a 5-7 minute meditation exercise, which I can easily follow along at my desk. Resetting my mind with some controlled breathing is a lifesaver for the midday burn out.

Have a change of scenery: Sitting stagnant in the same space all day can definitely be draining. If you catch yourself staring at the same coworker all day lost in thought, it may be time to switch it up! Moving to a different room in the office, or taking your work with you to a nearby coffee shop is sometimes all you need! Just make sure you have a trusted internet connection and a privacy screen if working with anything confidential.

Organize an in-office activity: Get some blood flowing! Here at Cutline, we do pilates and yoga every other week in the office. Having this activity in the middle of the workday gives us some mental time-off, and lets our bodies wake up just a little more! SItting back down at the desk after a relaxing yoga session leaves me reenergized and ready to finish out the day strong.

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