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This year, I’m going to be a dancing hot dog for Halloween

If you thought 2017 was being extra, then you really haven’t seen anything yet. I stumbled on either the most hilarious or facepalm-worthy news, when TechCrunch reported that a costume of infamous dancing hot dog is available on Amazon. If you don’t already know, the dancing hot dog debuted on Snapchat as an augmented reality filter earlier this year.

Now it’s come to this — you can dress up as that same hot dog in costume form, just in time for Halloween! I won’t lie, I briefly entertained the idea of splurging the cash. Not only because this kind of costume speaks to me on so many levels, but also because my Halloween costume creativity is virtually nonexistent.

The dancing hot dog feels like something that people either love or love to hate. I’m definitely in the former category — you can get me to laugh at pretty much anything. And I’ll be really amused when someone inevitably dresses up as the dancing hot dog. Here’s the kicker — the Amazon listing says the costume is “100% beef, but never starts it.”

Thanks for the pic, Pexels!

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