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Netflix Makes it Rain

When Ted Sarandos, chief content officer at Netflix, talked about casually throwing $2 million per episode at David Letterman, I may or may not have screamed internally. But when you think about how many people subscribe to Netflix, it starts to make sense. How have they done so well for themselves? You know the reasons...

Programming. House of Cards, Stranger Things, Master of None, stand-up specials from my favorite comedians (Trevor Noah and Jim Jefferies, if you were wondering) and too many movies from my childhood to count. From a sheer content perspective, no other platform has a stronger argument.

Ratings. What are those? At the recent Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit in Los Angeles, filmmaker Ava DuVernay praised Netflix for providing a platform for documentaries and smaller productions. She said that the artistic process becomes less about the ratings and business and more about “making the thing and presenting the thing.” DuVernay brought up another great point in her panel, saying that filmmakers have choices about where they want their content to be viewed. “I have a choice whether I want to be in 2000 theaters or no theaters,” she said.

Pricing. Recently, Netflix increased its subscription prices, and yet there’s still nothing in the market that beats the basic $7.99 monthly plan. You only get one profile — compared to the $10.99 “standard” and $13.99 “premium” plan — but it’s definitely the best bang for your buck.

Beyond being the dominant streaming service in the market, Netflix is giving those without fancy film backgrounds — namely DuVernay — a platform to tell meaningful stories. That’s why I’m sold on Netflix, at least when it comes to movies and T.V. Nobody does live sports better than network T.V., but Netflix has a lock on the movies and television crown.

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