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Apps we can’t live without!

Are you looking for new apps to download for your phone? Look no further! At Cutline, we’re always trying out the newest gadgets and apps, but we all have a few apps that we simply cannot live without. If you’re curious about the apps we love that have taken the coveted spot on our home screens, read on!

Snow -- Snow is a selfie and video calling app that comes with the best face filters ever. From filters that make you look like Hello Kitty to ones that “beautify” your face to resemble a popular K-Pop star, Snow is the best form of entertainment when you’re stuck inside a delayed train, waiting in line for brunch, or anywhere else! -- Hyeri

Venmo -- It’s a free digital wallet that lets you make payments to or request payments from your friends and family. No more worries about splitting a big bill at dinner or paying your roommate for half of the PG&E bill. Venmo allows you to transfer money within minutes and directly deposit it back into your bank. It’s a lifesaver for me. -- Katie

WhatsApp* -- WhatsApp is a messaging app that works anywhere in the world for both iPhone and Android users. I have friends and family all over the world, and it’s the easiest way for us to keep in touch. You can do an audio call, video call or a group chat all for free, and you never have to worry about those annoying broken threads between groups that use both Android and iPhone. It has truly made it so much easier to stay connected with everyone in my life. -- Mishri

Logic Traces: Everyone needs a go-to game for their commute (if you don’t drive of course), and mine is Logic Traces. Think Sudoku meets Minesweeper, and you have Logic Traces. The objective is to trace lines from numbers on the grid to cover all of the board’s squares. There are usually multiple ways to solve the board, but it’s up to you to find the most efficient way. I open this every morning to kickstart my brain and the day. -- Carolyn

Gametime: I often find myself in situations where some friends and I decide last minute to attend a baseball game on the same day, and Gametime makes these decisions a breeze. It’s an app where fans are able to buy and sell tickets to popular local events, and the prices are usually cheaper than anywhere else. Best of all, it’s completely scalper free! -- Elizabeth

The DailyHoroscope: I don’t know how I could ever start my day without a look at my daily horoscope. The app includes a daily, weekly and monthly horoscope, as well as characteristics and compatibility for your sign. It also includes info on Chinese Yearly and Druid horoscopes. On many occasions I’ve found my horoscopes scarily accurate. -- Shaq

*WhatsApp is a Cutline client but Mishri was using WhatsApp long before that happened!

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