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2017: We’ll Miss You!

We can all agree that this was a year for the books, right? While it was one rollercoaster of a ride, there were also some pretty incredible moments throughout the year. For the world, and for us. With 2017 coming into our rear view mirrors, the Cutline Crew took a moment to reflect on this past year and celebrate some of our favorite moments. From bringing not one... not two... but three (!) new bundles of little boy joy and life into the world (shout out to Mason, Beckham and Welles!) , to traveling all around the globe, and even to finding new fitness inspiration, please join us as we recap our year! And as we sign off and head into 2018, we hope that you have a wonderful holiday season.

My favorite moment of 2017 was traveling the world with some of my closest friends to watch my best friend get married. Hard to beat! Chloe

Definitely, hands down, giving birth to my son Beckham in June. He is everything I dreamed he would be, and more. Esther

We’ve had the privilege of introducing some pretty amazing companies and products to the world this year. So, my favorite moment of 2017 is more of a collection of moments -- launching Kuri, launching Rylo, and launching Present. Can’t wait for what next year has in store! Rachel

Getting a Peloton has been one of the biggest highlights of my year! I am seriously addicted -- the workouts are amazing, but it’s really the instructors and the community that keep me coming back. I couldn’t love it more! Megan

Watching Girls Trip -- I’ve never laughed so hard in my life. Shaq

Making more memories with my family, getting engaged (!!) and adding another Corgi (mix), Archie, to our pack of dogs so Laya has a friend / little brother to play with. Katie

Traveling through the serene and majestic countryside of Iceland with my best friend was pretty surreal. Though the one moment that takes the cake if the hike to the “hot” spring that ended up being ice cold - and in case you were wondering, we jumped in anyway! Alexa

Kicking off my travel bug has easily been my highlight this year! From booking a spontaneous London trip with my best friend, to experiencing the beauty of El Salvador, I am officially hooked and never plan on stopping. Elizabeth

This is an easy one -- meeting my son, Mason! He came into the world in April and changed my life forever. Camille

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