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Find Your Perfect Foundation with Sephora’s Tech Magic!

After three years of using the same powder foundation, (I may have switched back and forth with another one, but yes -- it has been that long,) it was finally time to buy a new foundation.

I’m sure every person who wears makeup has dealt with the issue of investing $30 in a foundation that doesn’t match their skin color. Although it’s great that Sephora (the place where I primarily buy all of my makeup) accepts returns even with used makeup, who has the time to make multiple trips to the store to find the perfect foundation? This is why I was super excited about Sephora’s Color IQ.

This service by Sephora uses a device that scans the surface of your skin and assigns it a color IQ number, which reveals the precise lip, foundation and concealer matches for your skin. All you need to do is go into a Sephora store and ask a store associate for help. They take a little wand about the size of Wii remote and scan your chin, cheek and forehead. You then are assigned a number and given a list of brands / products that match your skin color... (which you can email to yourself to have forever.) The entire process takes five minutes. Oh -- and did I mention it’s FREE? Holla!

I bought both a foundation and concealer using this magic, and they matched my skin perfectly. Try it for yourself!

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