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Google Translate: The Ultimate Language Hack

Last year I spent two weeks traveling all around Spain. I started in Barcelona, headed up to San Sebastian-Donostia and then headed down to Madrid. All this while only knowing about three Spanish words: hola, adios, and el baño? I did the best I could to learn as much Spanish as possible before the trip, but have to admit, I didn’t do a great job. So I HAD to write this blog post telling you how Google Translate saved my vacation.

If I needed to ask a quick question like, “Can I try the tres leches gelato, please?” I’d use Google Translate.

If I needed to remember how to say “no onions,” I’d open Google Translate and look at my starred list, which is an easy access list of phrases you’d like to remember.

If I was sitting in a restaurant staring at a menu in Spanish, I’d use the amazing camera feature to translate it to English.

Best part? You can do all this without cell phone data or wifi. #YESQUEEN

I would 100% recommend Google Translate to any traveler heading to a country where they don’t speak the language. Between the 103 languages available, (and 52 languages available offline,) this is sure to be the ultimate vacation hack -- having you speak like a local in no time. Adios!

Thanks for the pic, Anete Lūsiņa (via Unsplash).

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