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Why I Love Chatbooks

If you’re like most of us, you probably have what seems like a gazillion photos on your phone. As a new mom, my camera roll is filled to the brim with pictures of our baby boy; not to mention hundreds of photos of our dogs and cat. When I heard about Chatbooks as a must-try service for preserving all these special memories, I knew I had to give it a try. In fact, Chatbooks says that each year Americans take a collective three trillion photos with their phone! But what do you do with all those photos?

Chatbooks has a great concept that promises the utmost in convenience - and a solution for all those photos trapped in the digital world. It takes your photos from your phone or social media accounts, and organizes and prints them into a small book (or as Chatbooks calls it, a volume). You can choose to create an album yourself, or turn it over to Chatbooks’ subscription service to do it automatically. If you choose the latter, every time 60 new photos load to your chosen photo source (which includes your camera roll, photo favorites, Instagram or Facebook), a new volume is created, printed and sent to you - for only $10 a book, plus free shipping. It’s worth noting that you can edit the photo selection before the book is printed.

I chose to sign up for the subscription but add in my photos manually, since my camera roll has a ton of outtakes that I haven’t gotten around to deleting. The experience was so simple and quick - I did it all through their app and voila: my first Chatbooks volume arrived a few days later. It was incredibly special to flip through it - although I scroll through the photos on my phone often, there’s just something magical about seeing them printed and in your hand. The photo quality was as expected for pics taken on a mobile device, and I love how each page had the location and date the photo was taken printed on it as well.

While I’d love to eventually create a scrapbook or giant photo album with all the pictures we have taken on our fancy camera, I can’t picture a day anytime soon when I’ll get around to doing that. So for now, I can’t wait to create a bookshelf of Chatbooks volumes dedicated to my little guy and all the memories we’re capturing. Interested in giving the service a try? Check it out at Chatbooks.com.

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