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The 5 Best Apps to Help You Do Your Spring Cleaning

The sun doesn’t set ‘til 7 pm, we’ve broken out our open-toed shoes and white jeans, and we’ve thought about buying new sunglasses (along with our allergy medicine). That’s right folks, spring has sprung! And it’s the perfect excuse to clear out all your winter junk and spring clean. But, if you’re like me, you might not know where to start your cleaning spree, and that’s where these five apps come in clutch. Read on to find the apps to help you keep everything organized, sparkly and lemon-scented.


We get it, motivating yourself to actually clean is difficult. With Tody, you have more flexibility, because this app manages cleaning tasks by indicators of actual need, rather than arbitrary days or timelines. Tody also provides a visual picture of your home’s dirtiness to motivate you to clean and then shows you what your space will look like once it’s clean to provide an imminent sense of satisfaction. With Tody you can turn home cleaning into a game. House members can use the app to sync their cleaning plans across devices, and with other users, and then check-in to claim credit for their actions. Tody can also be customized to fit any kind of living space, whether that’s a single person’s studio, or a large family’s home. This app has a little bit of everything, to keep you extra motivated.

Poshmark, ThredUp

Is there anything better than cleaning your closet? You discover new/old clothes you forgot about and clear out space for new things as well. If you have lightly worn clothes that you think could have a new life in another closet, head to Poshmark to price and resell your shoes, clothes, or accessories. ThredUp specializes in re-selling used women’s and children’s clothing, so they’re ideal for taking the clothes you’ve outgrown or don’t wear/use any longer. ThredUp sends you a pre-paid bag, so you can easily toss in whatever you’re tossing out and drop it in the mail. What they don’t sell, they donate, so everybody wins!


You probably know about Marie Kondo and her decluttering strategy by now, unless you live under a rock. With this app, here’s your chance to use her philosophy of “less is more” to keep your space organized.


Does the thought of cleaning your apartment at all give you the heebie-jeebies? Fear not cleaning newbies! BrightNest is here to save the day with tips like how to clean a toilet bowl, or keep your garbage disposal from getting too stinky.

Thumbtack, TaskRabbit

Would you rather leave the dirty work to someone else? Thumbtack and TaskRabbit are here to help! Whether you need gutters cleaned, a patio power washed, or weeds pulled, Thumbtack and TaskRabbit have someone who’s willing to do these things for you (for a price). Because sometimes you just don’t have time for that, so hire someone who does!

Now go forth and clean! And then reward yourself with a relaxing Netflix binge in your very clean home, and/or a happy hour drink at Starbucks.


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