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Upping my wine game with Delectable

Stumped by all the wine choices at the grocery store? Look no further than the Delectable Wines app. Esther gave it a shot and recommends it to all.

I love a good glass of wine, but I often get overwhelmed when facing the endless rows of options at the store. I seem to always forget which bottles I’ve bought before and liked (or disliked!). Thankfully, I recently discovered the free app Delectable Wines, which has helped me solve this conundrum once and for all.

If you’re in Safeway, Bevmo or any other store, and find yourself staring blankly at shelves and shelves of varieties, just whip out your phone and the Delectable app. Within the app, you simply take a photo of a wine label - any label - and you’ll instantly get descriptions, notes on flavors, and ratings / reviews from the wine community. It’s a super easy way to know if that pretty bottle you’re eyeing tastes as good as the label looks. Additionally, you can keep track of your favorites, share recommendations, and even buy bottles directly from your phone.

With Delectable, you can also explore curated lists from wine pros and follow top sommeliers and winemakers. I haven’t fully explored those features just yet, but if you’re super into wine, would recommend checking them out.

Hope you find Delectable as helpful as I do!


Thanks Pexels for the photo!

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