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2019: A Look Ahead

Last year was a whirlwind - many challenges, surprises and milestones. While we regroup and refresh, and get ready for the year ahead, the Cutline Crew took a moment to share what they’re most looking forward to in 2019. 

Megan: I love the beginning of a new year — fresh start, new challenges, clean slate, archived inbox! I especially love the optimism that January brings. Anything and everything is possible. And I want to carry that optimism for trying new things, exploring new opportunities and creating new experiences into the new year. It’s going to be a kickass 2019!

Camille: I’m getting back into my fitness regimen and it feels great. This year, I’m looking forward to trying new things, like yoga and barre, getting outside more, running around with my son at the park and in his gymnastics classes, and so much more.

Kyra: I was inspired by a client who urges her team not to simply do what they’re good at, or what they think they should, but instead to really find and do the things that give them energy - professionally and personally. I’m excited to put this into practice in 2019 by being really intentional and purposeful. I’m energized by spending quality time with family and friends, taking beautiful pictures, decorating my home, sleeping more, exploring new places and doing great work with an amazing team!

Carrie: This year, I’m looking forward to a trip to Paris in March with the bf and to Cabo in July with friends - yes, we're spending Independence Day in another country. I’m also excited about starting my second year with the amazingly talented and fun loving Cutline Crew. Our heart and hustle will shine brighter in 2019, no doubt about it!

Mishri: I’m so excited to kick off a new year at Cutline with some of the most inspiring clients and teammates I’ve ever had. I’m also looking forward to traveling more (starting with Egypt!), spending more time with my family across the US, and taking more time out to focus on the things I love: yoga, cooking, reading and writing.

Bree: As 2019 begins, so does my second year on the Cutline team. I’ve grown so much in just one year that it makes me eager to see what I will accomplish, both professionally and personally, in this year ahead. I’m also looking forward to getting to know San Francisco more and exploring all of the fun hidden gems that make this city such a unique and incredible place to live. I’ve spent a few years lucky enough to hop locations and travel, but I’m excited to feel settled, content and at home.

Katie: I am looking forward to several things in 2019! I’m excited to continue working with our amazing clients and working with reporters to tell their stories. I’m also excited to continue seeing our team grow and have fun together. And I’m excited to spend quality time with my family and enjoy the big and small moments together.

Chloe: I have good feelings about 2019. I have three best friends getting married this year, which is new to me and so exciting! I’m also looking forward to personal growth, both personally and professionally. Travel is a huge part of my life -- I already have trips planned to far away places like Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Cancun, Cabo and Hawaii, as well as closer getaways to Dallas, Austin, LA and Chicago to name a few. Through all of these experiences I hope to be surprised, happy and full of love. Bring it on, 2019 -- I’m ready for you!

Courtney: 2018 felt like one big rush! So in 2019, I’m going to focus on living in the moment. I’m looking forward to slowing down a bit and sticking to a few attainable goals (i.e. write things down, go on a hike, call my mom, etc.). Professionally, I cannot wait to keep up the pace! I’m looking forward to growing with my teammates at Cutline and continue accomplishing our client’s goals together.

Esther: I’m mainly so excited to continue seeing my little guy Beckham grow. He turns two in June! He is picking up new words every day, learning how to jog/run, attempting to jump (so far can’t quite master it) and occasionally “kisses” me on the cheek (heart melt). It’s the biggest wonder to see his personality evolve into the sweetest, funniest and sometimes crankiest tiny person.

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