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I Tried Making This Coffee Nook on Pinterest and Here’s How it Went…

Camille takes on a DIY project and let's just say, it's not a Pinterest fail! 

Not only is Pinterest one of our awesome clients at Cutline, but it’s a platform I’ve been using for years to find inspiration for things to try in real life. I love crafts, all things interior design and repurposing old things to make them new again. Last year, my husband and I bought a new house and I was thrilled to tackle all the home renovations and fun projects I had been saving to my “Happy Home” board. One, in particular, was a coffee nook!

My style is a mix between rustic, industrial and traditional, so I found this cool coffee nook idea on Pinterest and decided to give it a try. I started with the shelves. Conveniently, a good friend of mine was getting rid of old wooden planks he had in his basement and I asked to take it off his hands. I started by sanding it down, cleaning off the paint and chips in the wood. After a few days of sanding and cleaning, I applied a few layers of a dark brown stain.

Once the shelves were done, I worked on the chalkboard wall. I’ve always wanted a chalkboard wall but I’m constantly changing my mind and rearranging furniture that shied away from semi-permanent chalkboard paint. My husband found this chalkboard paper, a self-adhesive wallpaper, which was a great alternative! The trick is laying it straight and without air bubbles -- I used a long ruler to do both. It took about three rolls of chalkboard paper to cover the top part of the wall.

Next, was installing the brackets and putting up the wooden shelves. I called in reinforcements for this part, as each shelf weighed at least 20 pounds! Using the same ruler for the chalkboard paper, I measured the paper into thirds so we knew where to install the brackets.

Finally, it was time to decorate! We have an amazing flea market that’s ten minutes from my house and I found a bunch of knickknacks, faux plants, mugs and more. It was fun mixing and matching items and seeing the nook come to life. We bought a console table, added some fun chalk drawings, a coffee pot and voila - coffee nook success!

One day, we’re hoping to install a bench on the other wall, a place to relax, look out the window and enjoy that cup of coffee. And when we do, Pinterest will be the first place I go to find ideas.


Thanks for the featured image, Unsplash!

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