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In need of some hair inspiration to boost your confidence? Not to worry. Cutliner Bree has you covered!

My teammate Elizabeth recently shared a Marie Claire column that I quickly became obsessed with, called “What I Wear to Work.” It features influential, confident boss women, from the President and CBO of Away, to the Founder of Flour Shop, on their go-to outfit to conquer each work day. This bi-weekly series is my bread and butter because I’ve always been a huge believer that what you wear influences the way you carry yourself, and an outfit can easily provide that extra confidence you need to perform better at work.

But in an effort to work on my fiscal responsibility, I’ve been seeking out alternative avenues to boost my style without making my wallet suffer. My plan for the rest of 2019? Start taking advantage of my hair to add a chic, professional element to my work outfits. For endless hair inspiration and how to’s, I turn to two main resources: my fave lifestyle blogger, Amber Fillerup Clark and the endless possibilities on Pinterest.

Below are three hairstyles I am going to start rocking in the office for that extra confidence boost. If you’re curious for other quick styles, check out my personal Pinterest board for more inspiration.

#1 - No-show ponytail: This easy style hides the rubberband, creating a simple way to make your ponytail look more professional. This ponytail also has a secret trick to make your hair look deceiving longer. Recreate the look here.

#2 - Half up, half down: I’m a huge fan of any hairstyle that pulls the hair out of my face at work. You also can never go wrong by adding a hair scarf (IMO). Recreate the look here.  

#3 - Braided bun: Bring on all the braids. I personally prefer braiding inside out to give the look that they’re sitting on top of your hair. Recreate the look here.


Thanks for the featured image, Unsplash!

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