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20 Newsletters You’ll Actually Love to Read in 2020

Here at Cutline, we love waking up to our favorite morning newsletters. Krista and the team share their top picks, along with 15 more recommended reads to round out your daily dose.

Frustrated from an overloaded inbox? I feel you. Whether it’s sales promotions, unnecessary updates, or spam, it can be time-consuming to uncover the messages you actually want to read.

But the good stuff is what makes the work of sifting through worth it though, right? At Cutline, my teammates and I agree that the good stuff includes the newsletters we look forward to reading each morning. Avid readers, content lovers, and self-proclaimed pop culture aficionados, we rely on our favorite dispatches for the information that keeps us up to date. From tech and business news to digital culture and celebrity gossip, here’s a handful of daily digests that really deliver.

1. High Tea

I have a few favorite newsletters but lately, High Tea has become the one I look forward to reading the most. This email is centered on digital culture (served “piping hot”, as the writing team proclaims) and it covers everything from trending shows to memes and more. I love reading this newsletter because it surfaces timely stories and insights I usually haven’t seen yet. Plus, it gives me a real pulse on what’s cool with Gen-Z and younger millennials — something that’s helpful to me when thinking about consumer stories for clients. I personally love High Tea’s casual and sometimes snarky tone; the information is smart and relevant, yet it’s so much fun to digest.

2. Create & Cultivate

Remember when Courtney went to Create & Cultivate in San Francisco on behalf of the Cutline team? Her love for the company, brand, its leaders and community still runs deep. “From career inspiration to gift ideas, the Create & Cultivate newsletter serves killer content that’s always perfectly timed with the season,” Courtney notes. “Whenever I’m feeling uninspired, I can easily read one of their past or present newsletters for advice from thought-leaders and innovators in their network. They also include upcoming events they’re hosting if you’re looking to spark creativity with an IRL experience!”

3. Accelerated

Carrie says that her top newsletter is one that’s published by two investors at venture capital firm CRV. “I’m obviously biased, but our client has two wonderful investors named Justine and Olivia Moore. They’re identical twin sisters, known as the ‘venture twins’, who are smart, determined, and very kind,” Carrie says. “On top of research, meetings, and deal-making, Justine and Olivia produce a weekly newsletter called Accelerated. It’s easily become one of my favorite things to read every Monday morning! Each week, the twins share tech and venture capital news of the week, as well as open career opportunities in the San Francisco Bay Area. To wrap it all up, they include a ‘puppy of the week’ section with a short bio and an adorable photo. It brightens my morning and sets a good tone for the week!”

4. Morning Tech by Politico

“Politico’s ‘Morning Tech’ is a daily newsletter that rounds up some of the biggest stories in tech politics and policy,” Camille shares. “I find tech policy incredibly interesting. It’s often one of the few spaces in tech where industry competitors come together as allies and lobby for a common goal. This newsletter is a great way to keep up on the latest tech policy stories happening on Capitol Hill and across the pond.” 

5. 10 for Today by Flipboard

Esther constantly surfaces well-written articles and top-notch industry reads for our team, and she credits Flipboard’s ‘10 for Today’ newsletter for keeping her in the loop. “This newsletter is curated daily by Flipboard staff and includes 10 of the most interesting stories from around the web — everything from politics, to lifestyle trends, to interviews with celebrities to deep dives into world news or cultural movements,” Esther promises. “And, it never disappoints. There are always multiple stories I read from each newsletter.”

Are you all about the newsletters too? We also love and recommend the following reads for your daily dose:

Business and Tech: Axios Future, Axios Pro Rata, The Broadsheet, Fortune’s Term Sheet, Harvard Business Review, The Hustle, The Profile, Robinhood Snacks, Strictly VC, and TechCrunch’s Daily Newsletter

Consumer and Lifestyle: 5 Things by CNN, Girlboss, The Goods by Vox, Rose Colored Round-Up, and The Skimm

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