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Nov 29, 2017 - No Comments!

How to Handle the Dreaded Off-Season

We all know the saying, “all good things must come to an end.” This phrase rings especially true when it comes to my favorite shows after the season finale airs, and I’m left with nothing but replays until the following year’s season premiere. Luckily, streaming sites such as Netflix and Hulu have hundreds of shows with plenty of seasons to fill the void. I’ve listed some of the best below so we all won’t be sad for too long.

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Nov 15, 2017 - No Comments!

Netflix Makes it Rain

When Ted Sarandos, chief content officer at Netflix, talked about casually throwing $2 million per episode at David Letterman, I may or may not have screamed internally. But when you think about how many people subscribe to Netflix, it starts to make sense. How have they done so well for themselves? You know the reasons...

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May 4, 2017 - No Comments!

Star Wars Day: Lessons from The Force!

Our New York office happens to be housed in the wonderful WeWork Bryant Park location, and we love all of the special things they do for us as members -- that includes celebrating one of my favorite days of the year, May 4, aka Star Wars Day! Among the perks today: Princess Leia cinnamon rolls, popcorn and snacks, and of course, movies streaming from a projector! It got me thinking about the Star Wars story and how there are so many things you can learn and apply to your career in PR (or any other field), as well as life in general. Here’s a few lessons that come to mind:  Read more

Feb 9, 2017 - No Comments!

Intern Picks: Top 10 Shows to Watch on Netflix

Like anyone else, I love Netflix. I love unwinding after a long day with a glass of wine and a compelling show. I love re-watching old movies as background noise when I’m working. And I love cuddling up to my dog (or boyfriend if he’s lucky), and binge-watching a series on a lazy Sunday. At Cutline, we’re constantly discussing our favorite series, and making recommendations to one another about what to watch next. So, I decided to share my personal top 10 favorite shows on Cutline Speaks! Read more

Feb 26, 2016 - No Comments!

What We Watch: Oscars Edition

We have a new column here on Cutline Speaks called "What We Watch," where we'll reveal our new favorite movies, TV shows, and documentaries. Today we're kicking it off with a special Oscars edition. The 88th Academy Awards will air on Monday, February 28th, and we’re all on the edge of our seats! So many things can happen this year: Will a new star-studded selfie break the internet again? Will J-Law add to her record of stage falls? Will Leo snag a gold statue? (He should totally give us a shout out in his acceptance speech.) Check out the Cutline Crew’s selections for 2016!

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